Projects where our group leads a Work Package:

Huawei Technologies

In this project we work together with Huawei Technologies Ireland on Causal discovery and inference for surrogate-assisted optimization on real data


The STATegra project aims to develop new statistical methods and tools for the integrative analysis of diverse omics data for a more efficient use of the genomics technologies. Furthermore we aim to make them readily available to the research community through rapid and efficient implementation as user-friendly software packages.

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Epilogeas- Aristeia II

The Epilogeas project is about “Causal-Based Variable Selection for Omics Data” due to the action of “ARISTEIA ΙΙ”. The project is implemented under the Operational Programme “Education and Lifelong Learning“ and is co-financed by the European Union (European Social Fund) and National Resources. Beneficiary of the project is the Foundation for Research and Technology ( FORTH ) and the principal investigator is Associate Professor Ioannis Tsamardinos. The project duration is 18 months.

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CAUSALPATH is an ERC (European Research Council) Consolidator Grant awarded through the IDEAS programme for the research proposal titled ‘Next Generation Causal Analysis: Inspired by the Induction of Biological Pathways from Cytometry Data’.
  • advance causal discovery theory, methods, and tools in directions that are practical, useful, robust, and accurate in real settings, thus creating a Next Generation Causal Analysis paradigm important to all data-analysis sciences and
  • allow the accurate, efficient, personalized induction of formal, quantitative causal models of biological pathways from cytometry datasets coupled with other omics data and prior knowledge; the primary focus will be the pathways involved in the differentiation of human T-cells.
Cancer-Biomarkers in HUNT

The Cancer-Biomarkers in HUNT is an international consortium of five universities in five countries that collaborate to improve the survival of lung cancer and mesothelioma through innovative early biomarker discovery. Our aim and hope is finally to develop a blood test for screening of smokers and asbestos exposed individuals to detect and cure these cancers.

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Projects in which members of our group participate in: