Lecture by Dr. Andreas Damianou: “Modelling and consolidating complex data with Gaussian process models”

Dr. Andreas Damianou presents his work on Tuesday, June 10th , 10:00am, Seminar Room 211, STEP-C, Institute of Computer Science, Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas (FORTH). Abstract: The high dimensional and complex nature of real world data makes them difficult to visualise, understand, predict and, in general, work with. Similarly, consolidating multiple distinct but […]

’MXM’ package (v. 0.1): We have just released the first version of our R package

The ’MXM’ (Mens eX Machina, meaning ’Mind from the Machine’ in Latin) package is an R package that implements feature selection methods for identifying minimal, statistically-equivalent and equally-predictive feature subsets. The ’MXM’ package provides source code for the SES algorithm and for some appropriate statistical conditional independence tests (testIndFisher, testIndLogistic, gSquare and censIndLR are included). […]