Introducing Logic-based Integrative Causal Discovery

Prof. Tsamardinos will present the field of logic-based integrative causal discovery during two different talks to be held in Paris, France, in the upcoming week.

The talks will illustrate the characteristics of a new, logic-based approach to causal discovery, that has been partly pioneered by our group. This approach is more robust to statistical errors, makes more realistic and less restrictive assumptions, accepts and reasons with multiple heterogeneous datasets that are obtained under different sampling criteria, different experimental conditions, and measuring different quantities. The approach significantly extends causal discovery based on Bayesian Networks, the simplest causal model available, and is much more suitable for real business or scientific data analysis.

The two talks will be held in the premises of two prestigious research organizations:

  • the Laboratoire de Recherche en Informatique (LRI), host Prof. Isabelle Guyon, on the 23-rd of February  (
  • the Laboratory of Information, Networking and Communication Sciences (LINCS), host Prof. Dario Rossi, on the 24-th of February (LINCS talk)