Smodia2014 Workshop

On behalf of the STATegra consortium our group participated in the organization of a workshop titled “Statistical Methods for Omics Data Integration and Analysis, SMODIA”. The workshop took place in November 10-12, 2014 in Heraklion, Crete, Greece. It was organized as part of the dissemination efforts of the STATegra FP7 EU project, titled “User-driven Development of Statistical Methods for Experimental Planning, Data Gathering, and Integrative Analysis of Next Generation Sequencing, Proteomics and Metabolomics data”. The workshop included an impressive panel of invited speakers, such as Dr. Jesper Tegner from Karolinska Institute, Dr. Andrew Teschendorff from UCL, London and Dr. Sven Nelander from Uppsala University. Workshop presentations trigger interesting ideas and questions which were discussed during the panel meeting, where all members of the STATegra consortium participated. Finally, due to workshop’s high impact and participation, SMODIA will held again next year and the venue will announced shortly.

The SMODIA 2014 Organizing Committee